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Ballet Foot Stretch by David Campos

Now, in all our products, Ballet Foot Stretch Original, Slim, and Dynamo, you will find the seal of authenticity by David Campos. David Campos began his professional career in Hagen (Germany), dancing classical repertory and new choreographic works. Recognized for his special artistic talents, in 1993, the Royal Ballet of Flanders (Belgium) offered him a contract […]

The 5 Benefits of Ballet Foot Stretcher

Are you using a foot stretcher or are you thinking about buying it? We want to explain you the benefits of using the original Ballet Foot Stretch. If you include a gentle session of footstretching in your warm-up before your class, with the Ballet Foot Stretch, you will feel your feet more elastic and warm, and ready to […]

The Pros and Cons of Ballet Foot Stretcher

Ballet Foot Stretch, the original, was conceptuallized, created, and studied for almost two decades. A unique product, at that time, and till today, there has not yet been any alternative safe and handy method and tool to enhance the arches of the feet of the dancers. Training techniques such as Pilates, Gyrotonics etc, have been developed […]

What happens when you wear new pointe shoes?

Have you ever wondered why a new pair of pointe shoes does not have a Right side or a Left side for your feet? Have you wondered how you can help break your new pointe shoes for a better fit and shape for each foot? New pointe shoes always need a molding process to best […]

Why to choose and use Ballet Foot Stretch – The Original and patented

We are aware that it is not easy to introduce new methods to help improve the feet of dancers. In our traditional ballet circle we believe that the established methods are not effective enough for everyone. But as you know, not all are born with the same special physical conditions and natural abilities for the […]

What you should know about Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo

Article by David Campos, Inventor of the Ballet Foot Stretch Original I am very excited to introduce the latest evolution of my product, Ballet Foot Stretch Dynamo. Since its first design, the Ballet Foot Stretch Original (2000) has established and has proven to be the safest and most efficient method to achieve greater mobility of foot joints. Already […]

Foot Stretcher Review by Alexandra Sparkles

Did you see one of the last videos of Alexandra Sparkles? Watch how Alexandra stretch her feet with Ballet Foot Stretch Slim! Alexandra is an amazing dancer, she was awarded “Junior Dancer of the Year” of Hollywood Vibe Nationals  during 2012, 2013, 2014! You can read more about Alexandra Sparkles at www.sparkleslund.com Follow Alexandra at Instagram, Facebook or watch […]

Medical opinion about Ballet Foot Stretch

Dr. Núria Massó* Licensed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Doctor of Medicine Specialties, Sports Medicine “I have known of the Ballet Foot Stretch from its initial conception, since 15 years ago. It was designed especially to find a means to help achieve a greater and wider range of plantar flexion for dancers feet”. From my point […]

How does this work?

The Ballet Foot Stretch´s is a Patented ergonomic design with 2 supporting curves: the first upward curve which supports the arch of the foot; and, the second upward curve just behind the heel cup base, which supports the posterior part of the heel joint (astragalus-calcaneus-tibia) during stretching. calcaneus-tibia) during stretching.   Upon placing the foot […]