The Original Footstretcher

The Original Footstretcher

Choose the authentic BalletFootStretch ® one for you!

Since this tool and method was invented in 1998, to the present, there has not been any alternative portable handy device created for the dancer as safe and effective as the BalletFootStretch® Original and Dynamo.

We are thankful to more than 100.000 users

Thank you to all dancers, gymnasts and ballet teachers all over the world,, who, all this time since, have been using the BalletFootStretch®, working in the most responsible and effective way to stretch their feet.

A piece of art for your foot

Each footstretcher is a unique piece manufactured with the highest precision and care necessary to achieve the strict shape and curves of the original design.
We only use certified wood, authorized by environmental departments in Europe.
When you buy our product you are contributing towards the protection of trees and forests.

5 Year Guarantee

2 Different Sizes

Patented Product US-EU

Free Consultation Service

Dra Núria Massó

Licensed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Doctor of Medicine Specialties, Sports Medicine.

David Campos

Inventor of this handy and very effective footstretcher dance device, the BalletFootStretch®, the Original in 1989.

Seal of Guarantee

In all our products, BalletFootStretch® Original, Slim, and Dynamo, you will find the seal of authenticity by DavidCampos®.

How it works?

The BalletFootStretch® , the original footstretcher is a Patented ergonomic design, with 2 supporting curves.

Do you know where the original idea of this invention came from?

“The real source of my inspiration has always been that my ballet students dance beautifully, and also to help them improve their physical conditions as well as their individual artistic qualities. Hence, the idea of the Ballet Foot Stretch tool.”

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