We are aware that it is not easy to introduce new methods to help improve the feet of dancers. In our traditional ballet circle we believe that the established methods are not effective enough for everyone. But as you know, not all are born with the same special physical conditions and natural abilities for the ballet.

We must be realistic and accept that there are not enough resources and techniques to improve the arches of the feet of dancers. This particular quality is a great asset and requirement, especially if you want to be a professional dancer. Many who aspire to be professional don’t achieve their desire however because of not having enough beautifully-arched feet.

Desperation leads to the use of poor and incorrect methods, without control, incorrect positioning of the foot, and excessive load ( for ex. ankles), methods that can eventually lead students to injury. It is not so difficult to recognize that a rigid foot does not improve its range of mobility or flexibility with just thousands of  “tendus” or strengthening exercises, for ex. with Thera band.

First you need to gradually increase the foot´s mobility and especially in a correct position in alignment with the leg, for which the Ballet Foot Stretch can be a great help.

Ballet Foot Stretch is a responsible and effective procedure, created and patented 16 years ago. Today, there are many imitators (without our authorization) with the only intention of marketing the footstretcher, some market it even almost as a toy, and thus create serious confusion. 
 Ballet Foot Stretch is NOT a passive stretching method. It provides an infinite possibility of exercises for the dancer, enhancing dynamic mobility as well as foot and leg line, while stretching the foot arch in different positions of the leg. Tried and proven worldwide, the Ballet Foot Stretch serves as a great complement to a dancer´s daily training.

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