The Ballet Foot Stretch´s is a Patented ergonomic design with 2 supporting curves: the first upward curve which supports the arch of the foot; and, the second upward curve just behind the heel cup base, which supports the posterior part of the heel joint (astragalus-calcaneus-tibia) during stretching. calcaneus-tibia) during stretching.


Upon placing the foot on the device and carefully stretching the leg and pressing the front part of the foot downwards with the elastic band, a double upward counterforce with the 2 high-arched supporting curves is produced. In other words, stretching down the forefront of the foot, with the second curve, the heel pressure is relieved considerably, thanks to this curve´s supportive pushing action upwards and outwards, “holding” the astragalus-calcaneus joint, with a heel pushing forward action, similar to self-traction maneuver in physiotherapy. The 2 high curves act as a “bridge support” for both foot arch and ankle, distributing pressure more evenly throughout the posterior part of the lower leg, reducing overload, and preventing posterior impingement, especially on the heel zone (tibia-astragalus-calcaneus zone).


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